Video Review: Mabel “Boyfriend”

Mabel taps an electric blue glass wall. She turns it on and it states that the program is loading.

Wearing a splashed denim crop top and pants, she dances with her friends in the lounge.

She swipes past several outlines of young men. The men stand still on platforms in the display room. She grins as she chooses the Hot Boy. Painted sea green, silver lines run through him as he is powered up.

Against a lavender background, she and her friends dance.

She sits with the Hot Boy and flexes her muscles. She walks around him, checking out his body. As he does push-ups, she sits on his back and gasps. Next, she picks the Bad Boy. The Bad Boy sits on a couch inside a glass box. She puts her arms around him while she stands behind him. Turning his face away from hers, she puts her legs on his lap.

While swiping, she chooses the Pretty Boy next. He slicks back his hair in the mirror. She taps him on the side of the head and takes pictures with him. She ruffles his hair. On the screen, she continues to swipe. The Party Boy opens his eyes. He dances in the glass box. Mabel and her friends laugh. The Nice Boy reads the menu as the table within the glass box.

She walks past the young men in the display room and feels the Hot Boy’s chest. She sits near his crotch and looks up. Lit in sunrise red, the young men dance. The system crashes and young men put their heads down, Mabel and her friends leave.

Rating: 5/5

None of the boyfriends were up to par yet. The Nice Boy was too eager to please. The Bad Boy wasn’t much of a challenge. The Pretty Boy didn’t have a single thought in his head. Mabel had liked the Hot Boy the most. He was attractive and felt human to her. She was attracted to him, though, she had to admit. He didn’t have much to say. However, she got him along with the best. She lets customer service know of her specification and schedules her  appointment with the Hot Boy.

The Hot Boy arrives to her home, dressed in a sports jersey and basketball shorts. He tells her he has two tickets to basketball and tells her they can beat traffic if they leave now. She gets her jacket, her purse and closes the door. While at the game, she drinks her soda and listens as he explains the game. He returns to her home and they make out. She asks him if he’s seeing anyone. Hot Boy runs through his files and says he’s seeing 5 women. Mabel curses under her breath. She says if there’s any availability. He states sometime next month. Mabel schedules another appointment and reminds herself to call customer service in the morning. She’s going to have upgrade her membership if she wants to have only him. Mabel places her order online and presses send. She slumps in her chair. There goes any club nights for awhile.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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