Video Review: Alexander O’Neal “Criticize”

Alexander O’Neal shakes his head and rolls his eyes as his girlfriend tells him, “Hey Alex! Wait for me! I see you invited your old baby. And look at her. She looks as much as mess as you do. Her dress is as tacky as your suits.” He tightens his tie as she says, “I see why you guys were together. You make a good couple.” He bends down to tie his dress shoe.

In a club, his background singers, wearing red dresses, dance as they perform on stage. Two young women dance as they stand by the bar. A young woman, wearing a pink dress, leans against the counter and sits on a table, her hand underneath her chin. Alexander O’Neal sings on stage. A second young woman dances by the brick wall.

A group of women dance by the front of the stage. A third young woman touches her glass as she sits at a table. A fourth young woman walks toward him. A fifth young woman stares into the mirror in the bathroom and puts on lipstick. A sixth young woman rolls up her fishnets. The young woman, in the pink dress, dances in place while she sits in her chair. She stands up and dances. He continues to perform on stage.

Rating: 2/5

Alexander O’Neal mimics his girlfriend as she talks under his breath. From the family room, she nags him to make sure he wears a tie and tells him he dresses to casual. She says that he doesn’t even try and she fixes his tie. He moves away and tells her it’s too tight. She handwaves it and says it’s all in your mind. While getting her purse, she tells him they are going only out to see his other girlfriend. He walks ahead of her and gets in the car.

At the bar, his ex-girlfriend stays away with him. They still talked. However, his current girlfriend hates her and makes fun of her all the time. He has to tell her to knock it off. She accuses him of cheating and still being in love with her. He shouts back that it’s not true.

As he walks back to the bathroom, his ex-girlfriend says they only have a few minutes. She touches his face and tells him it’ll get better. He puts his down and opens the door. It could be. However, he couldn’t let her see him distraught. He says it was good to see her and walks into the bathroom.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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