Video Review: Lady Gaga “Stupid Love”

Against a background of intestinal pink tubes, a message reads: “The world rots in conflict. Many tribes battle for dominance. While the Spirtiual ones pray and sleep for peace, the Kindness punks fight for Chromatica.”

The Kindness Punks, dressed in bubblegum outfits, run in the desert. A tribe, dressed in hunter green uniforms, watch two young men fight. The Kindness Punks, including Lady Gaga, dance in the desert. Crystallized mountains shine behind them. The Kindness Punks run in another direction. Another tribe, dressed in all black, dance with her. In a tiny square on the left, she puts on lipstick.

She skips over to another tribe, dressed in sunshine yellow and dances with them. Members in black and sunshine yellow join her as they dance. She dances by herself and then dances with the hunter green tribe. She dances in the center as members of all the tribes join together.

As the sun sets, she leads them into a prayer. The cherry red and electric blue tribes fight during the prayer. They continue to dance and pause. She points her hand between the two rivals and raises them in the air. They slam on the ground. The tribes continue to dance with her.

Rating: 3/5

Unity had been hard-fought. Some people had to be banished. Those who had been exiled pleaded for a second chance. Lady Gaga, though, wouldn’t allow it. She told them she couldn’t risk having the members of the tribe poisoned and creating another war. A few vowed revenge. Others hung their heads. She wanted to believe in second chances. However, peace was fleeting.

Almost once a week, a mini war seemed to be break out. The members of the tribes had reported it to her and she had to break it up. She had surrounded herself with advisers she could trust. They had been with her since the beginning. Their mission was to spread kindness and try to make things better.

Usually, they succeeded. They had developed a reputation for helping the other tribes. In one tribe, a leader had tried taking advantage and she shut it down. She had to oust the leader and appoint a new one. It took months.  However, the tribe had become a team and were working together. Over time, they had ended multiple conflicts and helped with truces. However, as Lady Gaga tells her tribe, their work is continuous. Otherwise. people will forget.

Director: Daniel Askill Year: 2020

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