Video Review: SAINt JHN “Roses”

Lit in a hazy red and rotating to black-and-white, Saint Jhn and his friends grab bats as they walk into an abandoned motel. Walking up the stairs, a friend taps his bat on the wall. Saint Jhn watches a nun pray next to a cross on the bottom floor. The nun tries to put out the fire.

A friend pushes a fortysomething man, wearing a hospital gown, against the wall The fortysomething man runs away. He hides from Saint Jhn and two young women as they walk in the hallway. The two young women take off a twentysomething woman’s shirt and put a different one on her. Saint Jhn runs his hand along the wall while his friend smashes two computers on a desk. Saint Jhn and another friend beat up a twentysomething man.

He spray paints the walls. Sitting in the corner, he smokes a joint. The two young women sit behind him. He smokes as he walks on the second floor. He sees his friend swing the bat at the fortysomething man. His friends follow him and carry their bats. He waits on the steps and finishes smoking while his friends walk down the steps. The fortysomething man runs into another room.

Rating: 0/5

A fortysomething man, wearing a hospital gown, asks about his family. He says he needs help. Saint Jhn ignores him as he walks back with his friends. A friend of his says that guy needs to be put out of his misery. A second friend says it shouldn’t take long. Saint Jhn wonders where he lives. They follow him to an abandoned motel. He turns to his friends and nods.

Saint Jhn polishes his bat. He really wanted it to hurt. His last one broke in half during his last break-in. Another friend grabs a bag and says someone has jewelry or something there. Saint Jhn tells him he doubts they’ll find anything.

A young woman wails and cries for help. The fortysomething’s man feet squeak the wooden floor. His friend puts his finger to his lips and tiptoes towards him. A second young woman grabs a bat and fights back. The two young women say she’s recruited and to come with them. He steps in a trail of blood as he walks around.

A young woman comments that someone got blood on her bat. Saint Jhn says they’ll be able to get it out. She says that it’s stained, though. The second young woman bites one of the women. Saint Jhn lifts up her head and threatens her to try again. She closes her mouth. The young woman says she’s going to pay for it later.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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