Video Review: She Moves “It’s Your Love”

In reverse, Danielle jumps on the couch. Carla, Danielle and Diana dance in the family room. Lit in electric blue, a car parks in a structure. Carla dances by the mirrors. Diana lies on the bed.

Danielle, Carla, Diana and their friends fade in and out while they dance in the family room. Back in reverse, the oranges fly from the steps and back into Diana’s bag.

They stand in the hallway and sing. They carry baskets as they walk home from the market. A young man covers the fruit stand. In the afternoon, a young woman, with a lizard on her shoulder, buys some vegetables. Diana weighs the oranges. A thirtysomething woman spins her 8-year-old daughter. Diana smiles at the sixtysomething woman as she hands her the cake. They pass a fiftysomething man sipping coffee and kissing his wife’s hand. Two twentysomething men hug one another.

Carla watches a second young man play guitar by the trees. They dance by him. They continue to walk and sit on the steps.

Danielle jumps on the couch again.

Rating: 3.5/5

Danielle takes out her credit card and hands it to the sixtysomething woman. The sixtysomething woman says she’ll give her a discount. Danielle smiles and thanks her. The sixtysomething woman asks her if she’s still seeing her boyfriend. Danielle shakes her head and says they broke up. The sixtysomething woman says she didn’t like him anyway and hopes she celebrates with her friends. Danielle takes the cake and says she plans on it.

Carla sees two young men hug and grins. She had seen them around, talking. Danielle and Diana had pegged them as a couple. Carla hadn’t been sure. She hadn’t known anyone who was gay. Some people seemed to be talking about it. But she was happy for them.

Diana adds three oranges to the bucket and checks the weight. She wanted to be sure Carla had some extra to make orange juice. Carla’s orange juice was amazing. She had tried it and quit buying it from the store. Danielle had insisted she try to sell it. Carla said she only liked to make it for her family and friends. She sees Danielle and waves to her.

They walk back home together from the market. During the week, they were in and out of their home. However, on Sundays, they made time to go grocery shopping at the market. Danielle says they are going to love the cake. Diana says the lady was gone when she went by her stand. She wanted to talk to her for a bit. Danielle tells her she had to leave early. Carla says she hadn’t talked to her in a while and they should all stop by together next weekend. Danielle nods and says she usually asks her about them, too. She’ll be glad to see them.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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