Video Review: BLACKstreet “Before I Let You Go”

On Blackstreet, two 10-year-old girls play hopscotch on the sidewalk. A young woman walks past Teddy, Levi, Chauncey and Dave sitting on the stoop, Chauncey says “one minute, they are kickin’ it and another moment, they are not.” Dave taps his chest and says he knows that he “knows what it takes. One kiss goodnight.”

Lit in soft gold, the young woman and her boyfriend (Omar Epps) kiss. As children, they race each other on the front lawn of their apartment building. Her boyfriend holds her hand over the table while they eat lunch. She pulls her hand away. She walks away and he follows her. He puts her jacket over her shoulders. She gets into the taxi and cries.

Chauncey, Teddy, Levi and Dave stand by the staircase in the young woman and her boyfriend’s home.

Lit in royal blue, they sleep together. Rotating back to the soft gold, they continue to kiss. Sitting on the windowsill, she watches him sleep. As children, he gives her a candy ring. She lies next to him in bed. Her boyfriend rubs his head as he sits on the stoop. As she gets out of the taxi, she sees him waiting for her. By the staircase, he puts the candy ring on her finger. She kisses him.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman picks at her salad. Her boyfriend wants to know if she’s okay. She places her fork on her plate and avoids his gaze. He puts his hand in hers and she lets go. She leaves without saying anything. He tells her to be careful as she gets into the taxi.

She doesn’t want it to be over. She’d been dreaming of marrying him since they were kids. He’s always been hers. However, they are getting older and life is starting to get in the way. They don’t have time for each other anymore. Their schedules no longer match and he thinks it’s all going to be okay. Somewhere in a drawer, there’s a candy ring her gave her a child. He promised to take care of her. But she thinks it’s not going to happen.

In their home, he gives the candy ring and says he wants to be with her. He says they can work out their schedules and still be together. She tells she was worried he was going to break up with her. He kisses her and tells her “never.” He says he loved her since they were kids and he doesn’t plan on anywhere.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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