Video Review: Ingrid Andress “More Hearts Than Mine”

In a celestial blue, a twentysomething woman makes a turn as she drives.

Ingrid Andress plays the piano in the road at night.

Lit in faded copper, her boyfriend looks out the window. Back in celestial blue, As she drives, she looks to the empty seat. She gets out of the car and stares at her childhood home. She walks into the kitchen. Her mom puts her hand over her mouth and gives her a hug. Her dad wipes his hands in a towel and walks over to hug her. Her younger sister also gives her a hug. In faded copper, her boyfriend shakes her dad’s hand and talks with her mom.

In celestial blue, she watches as her sister helps her parents make dinner as she leans against the doorwall. She and her family pray at the table. Her mother squeezes her hand.

Andress walks down the hallway of the twentysomething’s childhood home.

She sits with her mom in the backyard. While holding her coffee cup,  she puts her head on her mom’s shoulder. Her friends talk and laugh while she sits at them at the bar. She forces a smile and stirs her drink. As she gets a drink from the bartender, she looks back at the table. A cherry red light shines and she smiles while her boyfriend talks with her friends. Lit in electric blue, she and her boyfriend dance.

Back at home, she drinks with her dad in the kitchen. He stands up to give her a hug as she cries. She says goodbye to her family in the driveway and waves at them as backs up.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman exhales as she turns right towards the expressway. She was able to make it through the visit to her family without breaking down. Over the three years, she and her boyfriend had dated, he had become part of the family. Her boyfriend and father would go to see baseball games together and meet up to chat during the semester. Her boyfriend’s younger sister and her baby sister bonded over holiday dinners. They’d hang out with each other between classes at school. His mother had called her to ask about her mother’s recipe for stuffing.

Back at school, she had seen him kissing another young woman in the student center. She held back tears as she walked back to their apartment. While she sat in the dark, she cried until she fall asleep. He had turned the light on at about 8 p.m. and asked her what was wrong. She told him she knew and that she saw him at the student center. He didn’t even deny it. He shrugged and said nothing. She tells him she has to get out there. In her car, she called her mom and told her the news. She burst into tears.

Her father was a difficult time with the breakup, though. While talking with him, he had said he thought of him as a son. He explains he should’ve known something wasn’t right when he cancelled their dinner last month. She told him it was a shock to her, too. He says they’ll be okay. She says she feels a lot better and has to get ready for tomorrow. He tells her she can stay longer if she wants. She shakes her head and says she has to go back and deal with reality. He says she can always come home whenever she wants. She hugs him and says appreciates it. She puts her cup in the sink and tells him goodnight.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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