Video Review: Eternal “Save Our Love”

The Eternal logo appears on the projection screen on stage. Lit in aqua, Vernie, Easther, Kelle and Louise dance in silhouette. Love moves across the screen and the color changes to a ruby red.

Easther sings while Vernie, Kelle and Louise dance behind her. As they perform a routine, the color changes to hunter green and aqua. Easther is featured on the screen and it changes to a sunny yellow. Easther dances by herself as she sings on the screen.

Louise smiles as she raises her hand during the routine. Easther pumps her arms. Vernie lets her jacket fall to her arms. She spins and does the splits. In silhouette, the projection slits up into four squares on the screen. Louise shakes her butt. They continue to dance as they return to the aqua silhouettes. The screen shuts off.

Rating: 4/5

Louise squeals as she walks on stage. She says that she attended her first concert at the arena and now she’s going to be performing. Easther says it’s sold out. Vernie sighs and says she’s nervous. Louise puts her arm around her and tells her to think of when they sang back in high school. Kelle taps the floor as she tries to remember the steps for one of the songs.  Their choreographer walks on the stage and says they go over any of the routines before rehearsal starts. Kelle says she’s going mixed up for one of the songs. The choreographer counts out the steps with her. Vernie raises her hand and mentions another song. They go over the choreography for another hour.

Their manager says the band has warmed up and waiting for them to start. The choreographer says they are done and went over everything. The music begins and they begin to dance. Louise can’t stop smiling as she performs. Easther concentrates on hitting the notes. Vernie shows off her moves. Kelle nails each step.

After they finish running through the song, Louise claps for Vernie. Vernie says she knew could do it. The choreographer that it was good and save some for the concert tonight. She asks Vernie if she has more in her. Vernie says she can keep going all night. The choreographer grins and returns to her chair. The next song starts up.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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