Video Review: Trevor Daniel “Falling”

Trevor Daniel slumps in his chair as his girlfriend throws the napkin on the table. He watches her as she leaves the restaurant. The servers walk around his table and dance by him.

He floats over a mountain and sits on the trunk of a car as it drives down on the road at night. While sitting on rocks, he reads.

In a house, he sits on a bed. Several men dance in place while on their beds. Feathers from the ceiling as he sits by himself.

He sits on the top of the car during the day and sways. He lifts up his head as they drive under the bridge. The servers clean off his table.

Rating: 3/5

Trevor Daniel eats some beans by the campfire. As he chews, he looks at the mountain. It’ll be a long day tomorrow. He was going to hike for most of the day. His goal was to reach the mountain. After he was rejected by his crush, he wanted to get away and be by himself for a while. His friends told them they would come along for support. However, he told them he’d be fine.

In his backpack, he had put in his favorite book. It usually helped him feel better and inspired him. He needed a happy ending right now. Reading in the sun allowed him to enjoy the weather and rest. Although he was tired from walking, he still wanted to go on. With each step, he remembered who he was.

The waves of the ocean woke up him in the morning. It was a new day and another chance to try. He had made it halfway yesterday and had to stop. He had to tell himself it was going to take some time. In between, he texted his friends and family to let them he know was okay. He gets up and looks at the top. He was going to reach it today.

Director: William Desena Year: 2020

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