Video Review: Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do”

Ellie Goulding touches the wall as she walks into the penthouse. She looks up at the dome ceiling and views the statues as she walks up the stairs. A car drives into a parking structure.

From the 2015 film, Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) opens his closet and puts on a shirt. He picks out a tie from a drawer. Ana (Dakota Johnson) ties a rubberband in her hair as she stands in front of a mirror. She arrives at Grey’s business and stares up at the skyscraper. Andrea (Rachel Skarsten) takes her Grey’s office. He stares out the window and sits down with Ana.

A young man looks down from the second floor.

In a clip, Ana walks into his penthouse and stares at the golden chandelier.

Lit in scarlet red, Goulding and a young man dance in the underneath the chandelier. She brushes a strand of hair away from her face as she looks at the chandelier.

In a clip, he and Ana walk in the courtyard. He kisses her.

While a scarlet red light flashes, Goulding leans against a column within the parking structure.

In a clip, Christian kisses Ana in the family room of his penthouse. They dance. Christian kisses her and pulls up her hands against the wall of his office.

Goulding lies on the floor.

In a clip, Ana glances at Christian once she sees the helicopter. He looks over at her while he flies the helicopter over the city. They sleep together on the couch in his office. Christian holds her hand as they walk down the hallway.

White light shines on Goulding. She spins around the room.

In a clip, Christian turns on the light of his playroom. He takes off Ana’s clothes and they sleep together. He tucks her in bed and carries her to his bedroom. She walks to the window.

Rating: 4/5

The young women whisper about their boss, Christian Grey. One young woman passes by Ellie Goulding and turned up her nose at her dress slacks and buttoned-up blouse. The young woman tells her she’s going to have to shorten the skirt and invest in some name brands if she wants to advance around here. Goulding asks how she got promoted. The young woman smirks and shakes her head as she makes herself some coffee.

Goulding talks with the junior executive and apologizes for her mistake. The junior executive says he won’t have her written up unless he does something for him. He unzips his pants. Goulding gasps and turns red. She says she can’t. He shrugs and says he’ll be notifying his boss.

She sits at her desk and puts some of her frames in her purse. Her best paying job was over. She screwed up. The danger of it, though, gave her goosebumps. She thinks of going back in and taking off her blouse to prove him wrong. In her high heels, she knocks on the junior executive’s door. He tells her to come in. She unbuttons her blouse and kisses him. As they lay on the couch, he says Grey is out for the week and his playroom is available. She says she’d love to see it. He strokes her hair and tells her put in some overtime on Saturday. Goulding kisses his chest and rests her head.

Director: N/A Year: 2015

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