Video Review: YoungBoy Never Broke Again “Lil Top”

At night, a car drives on the expressway. YoungBoy Never Broke Again, wearing an orange puffer coat, sits in the backseat. In the city, they pass by a Shake Shack. He smiles as he walks in a warehouse. Animated gravel tears open through the ground. He stands by an animated ball of fire.

He dances in place as he sits in the backseat. His friends join him in the alley. He continues to walk around the warehouse by himself. He smokes as he and his friends stand by the car. While in the car, he shows off his chain. He tilts his head and within his hollowed eyes, he dances in the warehouse. Back in the car, he pulls out a gun.

Rating: 1/5

YoungBoy Never Broke Again texts his driver. He tells he and his friends are bored and need to waste time. He packs his gun in coat and taps his foot as he waits for his driver. His driver apologizes for being 5 minutes later and blames traffic. YoungBoy Never Broke Again ignores him and sits in the backseat. He texts his manager and says the driver doesn’t even know what he’s doing.

He turns the music up in the car and bounces in his seat. He drinks from a liquor bottle hidden in one of the compartments. After he finishes, he tosses it out the window. He asks the driver they have to get there right now. The driver stutters there’s another exit. YoungBoy lets out a long sigh.

The driver exits the expressway and points out the Shake Shack. He says he’s been in the car for so long that he got hungry and mentions he should’ve gotten something before he left. He orders a Shack Stack and drips mustard on the seat. Cursing, he cleans up with a napkin. A sharp objects hit the window and he gets out his gun. As he waves it around, the driver watches him in the mirror. He points to the warehouse and says to drop him off there.

As he dances, he tells his friends he’s going to fire his driver and points his gun. He says it doesn’t matter. If anyone complains, he’ll win the lawsuit. His friends shrug and say they like the chains. YoungBoy nods and says they need to remember who bought them for them. He points to his chest and says it was him. A fan walks up to him and asks for a photo. YoungBoy says he’s going to have to pay him some money. The fan hands him all the money in his wallet. YoungBoy poses with the fan. YoungBoy counts the money and says it won’t ever get him a shirt at the designer stores. His friend asks to borrow some of it. YoungBoy shakes his head and it’s his money and they don’t have a joint account. YoungBoy says he wants go home and wakes up his driver.

Director: Louieknows Year: 2020

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