Video Review: Roachford “Cuddly Toy”

A young woman runs across the bridge and meets her her boyfriend, Andrew and his friends. Andrew, Chris, Hawi and Derrick play against a white background. In cornflower blue, Andrew smiles as he spins the young woman. while gives her a piggyback ride. Lit in faded violet, Andrew smiles as the band rehearses.

Andrew eats lunch as he walks on the sidewalk in the city. He kicks up his leg in the grass in the park.

Lit in a faded blue, he taps the railing of the bridge.

He walks up to the steps to the studio. He dances as the wall changes to a silhouette of the band performing.

Lit in faded turquoise, he dances with one of his background singers. Lit in pale purple, the background singer claps to the song. In faded grape color, he reaches for his guitar. Back in faded turquoise, he tunes his guitar. In faded olive, he talks with his bandmates. He tosses a piece of paper over his shoulder as he smiles.

In faded denim blue, he turns his head as he walks in the studio.

He talks to his bandmates as he leaves the studio. The young woman does a cartwheel on the grass. He waves three times before he goes back to the studio.

Rating: 3.5/5

Andrew reads a book while he sits in the grass. The young woman sits next to him and says it’s time for them to go. Andrew puts his book in his bag as she picks up the blanket. He holds her hand and walks with her to the subway. He walks her home and takes the subway to the studio.

The director waves to him as he sets up. A producer tells him his bandmates were in the back. He walks to the dressing room and changes his clothes. Some dirt stains were on his jeans. He puts on different pair of jeans and cleans his sunglasses.

Andrew tells a joke to his background singer. She asks if they’ve heard anything about a tour yet. He says their manager is going to let them know sometime next week. He hopes they get to tour America. She says she’s never been. He takes out his headphones and asks if she knows the name of the song. She names it and says she’s happy the song became a single. She explains the record label didn’t want it but the band members pushed for it. The director says it’s time to start. He says he’ll talk to her later as he takes his place in the center.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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