Video Review: SZA & Justin Timberlake “The Other Side”

Justin Timberlake, wearing a sparkly black jacket, pretends to play the piano. SZA, wearing a silver catsuit, swings her hair as she sits next to him within the gigantic disco ball.

Against a black background, SZA spins on top of the disco ball.

Timberlake dances inside the disco ball. The lights flash as he continues to dance. A young woman, with a short, platinum wig, dances by herself. He claps while SZA sits at the edge. He slicks back his hair as he dances by himself again. Four young women, wearing silver tops and pants, perform the routine with him.

Wearing a violet halter and skirt, she and Timberlake dance by the wall. An animated heart pops out of her chest.

In a black-and-white circle patterned dress, she and Timberlake dance in a hallway with dashes of white light on the wall. In the violet halter, SZA dances by herself against the wall. One of the female dancers performs against a tinsel wall.

Timberlake holds silver dust in his palm. it disappears into the air and lands on SZA as she lies on the disco ball. He knocks on the glass of the ball. SZA hits her head. The silver dust flies around SZA as she sits on the disco ball. He captures the silver dust in his hand. Silver confetti falls as they dance. SZA slips and falls within the disco ball.

As the confetti falls, SZA laughs as she dances with Timberlake.

Rating: 2.5/5

SZA waves to the singer as she walks into the club. SZA surveys the club as her the bartenders clean the counter. She looks up at the disco ball. It had been replaced multiple times over the years. SZA sweeps up some sequins and notices there’s some bare spots. She’ll have to put in an order for another one online tonight.

Justin Timberlake selects his mix on the computer. He was able to find some new DJ’s while searching for songs. His theme for evening was glitter. He wanted to the mood to be ethereal tonight. He deletes a song and places another song in its place.

SZA drinks some wine and dances to Timberlake’s beat while the people walk in the door. She walks up to the booth and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He says he got her favorite remix ready to go. She glances at his playlist and says she’ll be able to dance to it before it gets busy.

A few customers tap her on the shoulder as she dances. She gives them a hug and tells them hello. She waves down the server and tells them their drinks are on her. They talk to her for a few minutes. SZA dances with them and holds up her drink. SZA returns to the DJ booth and says she has a request. Timberlake pulls up his collection. She says she wants modern disco. Timberlake finds a few songs and she nods. She returns to the dance floor as the strings swell throughout the club.

Director: Daniel Russell Year: 2020

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