Video Review: Old Dominion “One Man Band”

Matthew plays the guitar and sings on stage. The band’s name hangs in white lights below the drum set.

Matthew, Trevor, Whit, Geoff, and Brad walk through the kitchen of the studio. Their guitars stand on display. They walk into an office to work on the song.

Trevor fixes the cords of the keyboard. Matthew walks around the wires in the recording studio. He sits in a chair and sings into the microphone. Matthew holds his coffee as he says some lyrics. He takes off his headphones and talks with the producer. They write down notes their notebooks. Matthew talks with the producer as he moves the buttons on the sound board.

Trevor, Whit and Geoff perform with Matthew on stage.

The producers work on the song on the computer. Brad closes the door. Matthew uses his pencil to demonstrate the notes. Whit laughs as he sits by his drums.

Lit in aqua, they continue to play on stage.

Rating: 2/5

Matthew erases some words with his lyrics. He cringed at the thought of saying them out loud. Trevor scratches his eye and writes down some lyrics. Whit taps his foot as he looks at his drums. Brad and Geoff compare their lyrics. The producer asks them if they are ready and asks who wants to go first. Brad raises his hand and points to Geoff, saying they have something. He sings out the lyrics. The producer nods and says, “good.” Whit shrugs during his next turn and repeats what he wrote. He knows it’s awful but it’s all he has. The producer says that’s okay. Matthew plays his guitar and sings his lyrics. The producer says they can incorporate it.

The producer says he’s going to work with just Matthew for awhile. Everyone else can go to lunch. Geoff, Brad, Trevor and Whit wave to Matthew. In the cafeteria, Whit says he wants to record. Brad says it’s a work-in-progress. Geoff says Matthew has a handle on it, though. Brad sips his coffee and takes his tv dinner out of the microwave. Geoff puts in his leftovers. Trevor says it smells good. Geoff says he made stuffed peppers last night and says he can have some if he wants.

Matthew plays the guitar and waits for the producer. The producer says one more take and then he can go to lunch. Matthew nods. He had seen the band standing by the door. They must’ve left for lunch about 2 hours ago. The producer says that’s great and opens the door. The band walks in. Matthew touches his stomach and says he’s going to get something to eat. The producer runs through the song with the band as he leaves.

Director: N/A Year: 2019


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