Video Review: Madison Beer “Dear Society”

Lights flash as Madison Beer sits in a chair, an IV attached to her arm. The television turns on. A fortysomething man says, “Welcome to LS Labs.” He introduces himself as Dr. Savares, “the CEO and founder of the company.” He thanks for taking part in the experiment. He explains that his work has been considered radical by his peers and society. He says, “my work will fundamentally change humanity. You are lucky to be a part of it.” She gets up in her seat as he says “that you find some of the experiments uncomfortable.” However, he continues, that he feels society will be influenced by his work and it will last “for centuries to come.”

The doctors shine a light on her face and pour drops in her eyes. She sees numbers on tattooed on her finger and tries to rub it off. She stands in front of a scanner. Dr. Savares reads through her file and makes notes on the computer.

She touches the IV pole and watches cartoons on the television. In her cell, she traces her finger along the glass door. The lights change to blood red inside her cell. Standing in white florescent light, she hits the glass. A thirtysomething woman paces with a smile in her cell. A fortysomething stands in the corner, staring at the floor.

Blood runs through a needle. Her heartbeat shows up in waves on the heart monitor. As she sits in the chair, she watches a group of doctors crowd her cell. She walks up to the glass and hits it as the doctors take notes.  She pounds on the glass. As it flashes blood red, two doctors take her out her cell. In the lab, she gulps as a doctor holds his needle. He sticks her in the neck. Her eyes blink. She kicks the floor with her feet. Dr. Savares crosses out her file and throws it in the garbage can. She sits in the chair as the lights flash.

Rating: 4/5

Madison Beer shields her eyes from the florescent lights. She can’t remember the last time she got a good’s night rest. Maybe two months ago in her dorm room. She should be taking her finals by now. However, she’s stuck in a cell being studied by a troubled doctor.

A vague flyer had been posted on campus, asking students if they would like to earn some money and be a part of some scientific trials. She was low on cash at the time and searched the company on the internet. They had a legit website, which detailed their previous findings. She called up a representative and signed up. The representative informed it would only be the weekends and her life wouldn’t change a bit.

The receptionist seemed nice. She handed her the paperwork. Beer filled it out and waited for her appointment. Dr. Savares had shook her hand and told her she was a perfect candidate. She questioned his comment. However, two doctors dragged her away into a cell.

She complied with them at first, thinking she would get out. However, they scheduled further studies and assured she would be out soon. She tried kicking in the glass and the walls. The doctors keep her sedated now. She maybe has a few more minutes before they realize she’s awake. She thinks of her family and knows they are looking for her. Closing her eyes, she thinks of her family as the doctor sticks the needle in her neck.

Director: N/A Year: 2019


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