Video Review: Milli Vanilli “Girl, You Know It’s True”

In the navy blue sheet covered walls of the studio, the keyboardist plays while Rob and Fab dance.

A young woman scratches out a sentence on a piece of paper as she sits at a table in the hotel room. Rob walks up to her and gives her a kiss. She packs her clothes into a duffel bag. He puts her arms around her and she shoves him. He catches up to her as she walks to the parking lot and grabs her arm.

She gets into the taxi and closes the door quickly. He gets in with her and she gets out. She crosses her arms across her chest as leans against the car. He points his finger at her while he talks to her.

They walk together and she spots Fab in a phone booth. Fab waves to both of them. Fab puts her arm around her as Rob holds her hand while they continue to walk. Rob admires a headscarf and wraps it around his head. Rob and Fab look for the young woman and see her walking with a young man. Rob runs towards her. She glances over her shoulder and runs.

A sixtysomething woman watches as Rob with the young woman and Fab as they pay for the their tickets at the window. They board the bus and dance in their seats. The double decker bus drives in the city. Rob and Fab run in the park. They leap and jump.

Rob walks with the young woman back to his hotel room. They kiss and fall onto bed.

Rating: 1/5

The young woman checks the clock. She was running out of time. Sentences in her letter were crossed out and the bottom corner had a hole from the eraser. She throws it away. It had been her only real chance to leave. Rob and Fab were rehearsing for the concert. She had said she didn’t feel well to get out of it.

People wanted to hear her stories of being on the road with Milli Vanelli. She told them what they expected: it was a constant party and she’s never had so much fun in her life. The truth was, though, that Rob and Fab were controlling. They wouldn’t leave her alone. She wanted to go home. The door opens and Rob returns. She avoids his kiss and packs her bag. If she was going to leave, it was going to be now. However, she couldn’t get past the parking lot. She apologized to Rob and told him she was having a bad day.

While walking with them, she searches for an out. Rob helps Fab pick out a headscarf. She walks to the clothes and talks with a young man. She asks him to pretend her boyfriend. Rob spots her and calls out to her. She takes off and hides in a store.

They find her and she looks straight ahead as she walks with them. Rob takes her back to the hotel room. He kisses her. The young woman imagines being home as they fall onto bed. She tries to keep a distance from him and turns on the television.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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