Video Review: Eminem & Juice WRLD “Godzilla”

The face on the bottle of Godzilla whiskey talks to Eminem. He takes it off the shelf of the home improvement store and drinks it.  Two people, dressed as Godzilla, walk behind him as he stumbles in the aisle.

In a navy blue painted room, he puts his hands on his head.

A thirtysomething man and woman (both Eminem) gape at him while he passes by them.  His eyes bulge out as he looks at the Godzilla bottles. Wearing a suit, he drinks from the liquor rack at a gala. The server side-eyes him. A young woman films him on her phone. He takes a drink out a second young woman’s hand. A security guard grabs him.

Back in the store, he sees a twentysomething woman licking a basketball. A man, dressed in black, points a gun at him. He picks up a rifle and shoots him. A third twentysomething woman hands him a free sample of liquor. He slams it. People watch him as he vomits on the floor.

Knives aim towards him in the navy blue room. He breathes fire.

In the store, he and the people raise their hands. He stands on a stack of CD’s and people wave their arms as he raps. His pants start to burn. A fourth twentysomething woman fans herself and faints.

Wearing a blood-stained apron, he uses a chainsaw to cut into the hanging pieces of meat in the butcher shop. He holds a jewelry box with a ring inside as a fifth twentysomething pleasures him. In the parking lot, he opens the truck of his car and sees himself, wearing a suit, inside. He closes the trunk and looks behind as people follow him. Mike Tyson punches him in the face. Eminem asks, “what the fuck? Mike?” Tyson apologizes to him and helps him off the ground.

Two doctors (one of which is Eminem), clean his face and examine him. Doctor Eminem swigs from the bottle of Godzilla liquor and gives some to him to drink. In the navy blue room, his mouth disappears. His mouth bounces on the floor while he tries to pick it up. At the hospital, Tyson puts a band-aid on his forehead. Doctor Eminem pulls a out a knife and aims it for his face.

In black-and-white, Juice WRLD smiles and laughs. Against a black background, the screen reads: “In Loving Memory of Jarad “Juice WRLD” Higgins. You will be remembered forever. You will be loved forever. You will be here forever. Thank you for changing the wrld. 999 Forever. Sincerely, Cole Bennett.

Rating: 1.5/5

The alcohol coats Eminem’s throat and he lets out an “ahhh.” He had hidden it a few years ago. Although he quit drinking, he wanted to keep a stash of something somewhere. He thought someone in his family would’ve drained it. But no one found it. The bottle was half empty. He guzzles it and belches.

While wandering around the house, his blood pressure rises as he sees the dust on the cabinets and a speck of mud on the floor. He pounds the floor and demands to know answers. He slashes at the blurry image and shouts at it when it doesn’t respond. He punches a hole in the wall and curses. His hand bloodied, he kisses a twentysomething woman who tells him he’s okay. He pulls down his pants. She gets on her knees. He moves her head her around, ignoring her when she says “ouch.”

Lying on the couch, he rubs his forehead. He notices the blood on his hands and thinks someone must’ve slipped him something. As he picks up his phone to call the police, he sees the hole in the wall and realizes it was him. There was another bottle somewhere. He finds in the closet and dumps it. It was time to stop.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2020

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