Video Review: Lasgo “Alone”

Evi draws pictures of her with her boyfriend at the table in her office.

She stands on an oversized table on the first floor. Peter and Jef stand on either side of her by the table. They walk on the electric blue lit balcony. She gets a flashlight from her desk and walks on the balcony. A young man appears before her and pours a bottle of liquor. He fades away. A couple kisses in the elevator. Evi takes an elevator. Peter takes notes. She walks down the hallway.

On the skywalk, she sees two young women run. One young woman presses her hand against the glass. She returns to her office and turns to see Peter and Jef. Lighting strikes the office.

Rating: 3.5/5

Evi puts her down her pencil and turns her head towards the door. There was a hissing. The maintenance people had already come by the office. It had to be something else. She grabs her flashlight and locks her office door.

She sees a young man pouring his drink on the floor. He was probably one of the college students who died in the building. People had talked about the ghosts. However, they were mostly jokes. She had blown it off as stories to bring publicity to the office. However, she believed they were true. All week she had been hearing strange noises.

A young woman calls out to her. She yells “help!” Evi’s heart sinks. They were alone. No one came for them. She walks to the glass. The young woman disappears. Two young women run past her. Their souls were caught in the building. She says she cares and asks for a sign. A light turns off. She sits on the floor and tells them she wish she knew their names. A young man appears before her and introduces himself. He says he was going to graduate in May and headed for medical school. She says she wants to tell their story in her next project. She promises them they won’t be forgotten again.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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