Video Review: Poundz “Smooth Criminal”

A nurse rolls her cart as she walks into the hospital room. She flicks the syringe and injects it into Poundz’s arm. He convulses on the bed. He turns his head on the pillow and his eyes glow neon green.

Against a black background, Poundz, wearing a white suit, tips his hat while the rain falls. Wearing a Fendi headband, he fixes his denim jacket as a blue light flashes against the black background. Back in the white suit, he dances with several men against a white background.

The nurse, now dressed in a bikini, dances with him while it rains against the black background. A second young woman, wearing a black cut-out dress, reaches to fix her straps behind her back. While wearing a blue camouflage jacket, he dances with his friends. In a black shirt and dress pants, he dances with two young women.

The young woman in a bikini dances by herself and does the splits. He takes off his hat and tosses it.

Rating: 2/5

The injection didn’t scare Poundz. It would turn him who he wanted to be: Michael Jackson. Growing up, he idolized Jackson He resented the Americans who tarnished his name and called him a predator. He believed he had a damaged life and was looking to relive his childhood. He wore his “Beat It” jacket and even begged his parents to take him to Neverland Ranch. His parents told him no and he didn’t talk to them for a week. The day Jackson died, he cried for a month and listened only to his music.  He still hasn’t gotten over his death. On June 25th, he says a prayer and tells his family he needs to be alone for the rest of the day.

A member of Facebook fan group had mentioned The Smooth Criminal program. It allowed people to become the celebrities of their choosing. He direct messaged the fan and asked him about it. His friend says he was fine and it didn’t hurt. Poundz scheduled his appointment. It was going to cost a half year’s rent. However, it would be a dream come true.

As Jackson, he had thoughts he wish he never knew. As he tried to forget, the programmers amplified the thoughts more. Sometime between, he reverted to his self and hung out with his friends. The sales person told him there wouldn’t be any refunds. Back home, Jackson’s thoughts continued to haunt him. He could no longer admire his memorabilia and sold it online.

Director: SP Year: 2020

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