Video Review: Coldplay “‘Trouble In Town”

A taxi turns right while the dispatcher on the police radio reports. The dog peers into the mirror as the lizard looks through his phone at night. The fox walks on the sidewalk and asks his friends, “what’s up fellas? What’s going on tonight.” The second fox fists bumps the fox and replies, “we’re just chillin’.” The fox smokes and calls up to another fox, Tremaine, in the apartment building asks him if he’s “coming out tonight.” Tremaine leans against the windowsill and says “no, not tonight.” The fox replies, “ok. Maybe some other time.”

Lit in blended lavender and hot pink. Tremaine looks into the mirror and puts on a different jacket. On the television, the pigs debate. He sighs and lies on the couch.

The dog looks into the mirror again as the lizard lights up his cigarette. The debate plays on a television in his taxi. On the sidewalk, a bear hands a deer a blanket. A political billboard proclaims “love and kindness” with a picture of one of the pig candidates. The deer puts the blanket over him as he reads George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

In the liquor store, the bear watches the debate on the television. A cat walks into the store and puts a bottle of liquor in his jacket. A rabbit writes “vote” on the office window and clears it with his paw. The fox stands outside the Luncheonette. The leopard, in the police car, watches the fox as he smokes. The leopard asks him, “where’s your friend tonight?” The fox shrugs and replies, “what friend?” The leopard asks for ID. The fox responds, “for real.” The leopard tells him, “don’t pull that fuckin’ for real shit with me. Do you talk with your friends on the street that way?” The fox says he doesn’t know anyone. The leopard informs him that he’s a suspect and that he’ll take him into the station. The fox says he can’t be detained and that he has rights. The leopard says, ” I can do what I want” and wants to know if he’s going to cooperate. The fox tucks his hand in his pocket. The leopard goes to pull his gun. The fox runs through the city and into his parents’ home. He lies in his mom’s arms while they sit in the corner. The leopard waits on the sidewalk.

The pigs fight on stage.

The leopard asks a second lizard where the fox went. The second lizard points to the right. A second deer looks on the his phone and watches the debate with several other animals in a store window. The dog waits in his taxi. A pig sits in the backseat.

Rating: 5/5

The humans were needed now. Tremaine had often his mom if the humans could come back someday. He says they seemed to be flawed species but weren’t without the souls. His mom told him the pigs had overrun them hundreds of years ago. The species were extinct.

Tremaine read every bit on the Internet about a human spotting. He believed there were still some living underground somewhere in the city. There had been too many humans to simply die out. Even at their most evil, they had to be better than the pigs. The pigs ate their own. During an election season, it’s wasn’t unusual for a pig to suddenly exit the race and never to be seen again. No matter which pig they chose, it would be the status quo. There would be no progress.

The leopards were the pig’s enforcers on the state level. As a kid, he dreamed of being a police officer. However, he realized as he got older, that it was only reserved for the leopards. The leopards were quick and aggressive. His parents told him to hold back his instincts. They were not prey.

Tremaine returns to his home and watches a movie with humans. He laughs as a young woman falls on the floor with flowers. The 2004 rom-coms were his favorite.

Director: Aoife McArdle Year: 2020

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