Video Review: Divine “One More Try”

In silhouette, Kia, Nikki and Tonia walk down a corn yellow hallway. The door opens. They sit in on a red couch. A statute exhales smoke. Kia stands by the gong. Nikki stands by the statue while Tonia dances in the hallway.

The door turns coal blue and opens. They stand inside a cave. Fans cover the screen. The sit in moving chairs in the hallway. A flower falls into the water. They stand against a black background surrounded by candles.

Rating: 2/5

Kia checks her watch and says they are going to miss their appointment at the tea house.  Nikki looks at the map and points to the building. Tonia says they are at the right place. At the entrance, they are greeted and meet their guide.

The guide leads them to the sink and asks them to wash their hands. After they clean their hands, he takes them to their couch. The server hands them their menus. Kia says she wants to try a matcha latte. Nikki orders the orchid cookie. Tonia takes out the camera and they smile. They bow to the host and watch as she prepares the tea.

They drink and talk. Kia stops by the gift shop and picks up some glasses. Tonia says the trip is what all they needed. Kia puts her arm around her and says they had to graduate in style. Nikki says she’s going to call home once they get back to the hotel. Tonia says tells Nikki not to worry about her ex-boyfriend back home. Nikki says they have been talking on and off. She thinks they may have a chance. Kia says they are going to play some video games at the arcade. Tonia says she’s can beat at her pinball. Nikki grins and says she can wait until dinner. They walk to the arcade.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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