Video Review: Little Mix “Wasabi”

Lit in hunter green, Jade walks down the aisle of the tour bus. Wearing a red leopard outfit, she dances by a booth. Jade crawls on the floor. The dancers peek their heads out of the curtains and sing along.

Jesy sits at her vanity in the dressing room and applies blush on her face.

Leigh-Anne dances in the hallway of the stadium. She fluffs her hair. At the bar, she puts her arm around one of her friends and laughs. Jade headbangs while the dancers throw pillows in the bus. Jade and Leigh-Anne dance as they walk down the hallway. Jade waves as she stands at the counter of the bar.

Perrie dances in a bathroom stall. The stylists measure her hips as she dances. Jade dances by the Eiffel Tower. Chris Hughes stands outside Jesy’s dressing room. Friends sit on the couch in the bar and wave fans. Jade and two friends dance on the beach.

Jade and her friends run from the shore. She does the splits in the tour bus. Hayes sings the lyrics with a member of management. He sees Jesy open the door and laughs. Jesy looks from the left to right and closes the door.

The LM5 album sits on the table and gets flown off. A screen says “New Era Pending.”

Rating: 3/5

Jade exclaims she’s bored to the dancers as the tour bus drives on the expressway. One of the dancers hand her a book. She says she’ll read it later and adds she wants to move around. A second dancer turns on some music and she dances in the aisle. A third dancer gets up and says she needs a drink. Jade says she know what to make her. The third dancer says she wants a martini. Jade opens the refrigerator and hands her a can of olives.

Jesy opens the door and tells Chris it’s okay to come inside the dressing room. Chris sits on the couch beside her and asks her if she’s okay. Jesy says she’s all right and rests her head on his shoulder. Chris says he’s really proud of the progress she’s made. Jesy says she still has a long way to go. Chris puts her hand on her leg and tells her he’ll be there for her. Their manager knocks on the door and tells them 10 minutes. Chris kisses her and says he’ll be backstage the entire time.

Leigh-Anne giggles as she dances on the floor of the bar. She says she might’ve had a bit too much to drink. Perrie puts her arm on the shoulder and says they all have. Perrie says they need to dance to sober up. They jump up and down while the DJ plays music. Leigh-Anne checks her phone and says Jesy’s hanging out with Chris tonight. Jade hugs Perrie and Leigh-Anne and says she made it. She wanted to go to the beach first. Perrie hands her a martini and says she has to catch-up. Jade drinks it and says she already started earlier.

Director: Calum Mills Year: 2020

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