Video Review: Yes “Owner of a Lonely Heart”

Jon, Eddie, Trevor, Chris, and Alan play inside a building. On a field, Jon raises his arms and becomes a hawk. Trevor sits in the backseat of a car and turns into a snake. Chris leans against the railing and transforms into a lizard. Alan walks down the steps and changes into a black cat. The hawk flies over a castle and into London, England.

In black-and-white, a young man (Danny Webb) walks in a crowd of people on the sidewalk. Two fortysomething men grab him by the arms and take him to a courthouse.. As they walk up the stairs, the men and women stare at them. They walk down hallway.

In color, he screams as a snake wraps around his neck. Back in black-and-white, he rubs his eyes. He sees a thirtysomething woman hold a crying baby. Back in color, the lizard hisses on his shoulder. He sleeps as a spider crawls on his back. He washes his face with worms. In black-and-white, the two men try to hold him up. He stands in front of the judge and screams. The two fortysomething men drag into the hallway. In color, the hawk lands on his back. Worms cover his eyes. In black-and-white, they throw him into an elevator.

He hits the door as it goes to the basement. In color, a fiftysomething man grabs and takes him the welding machine. He punches the fiftysomething man and climbs the ladder. He reaches the top of the building and sees the Alan, Jon, Trevor and Chris. They walk towards him and he jumps off the building. While he falls, he turns into a hawk. He walks on the sidewalk and pauses. It turns black-and-white as he walks back home.

Rating: 5/5

There were still choices. As Alan, Jon, Trevor and Chris crowded the young man, he realized they had been the animals he’d been seeing. They had been trying to wake him up. He stares at the sidewalk from the building. He knew what what he do.

Becoming a hawk gave him a sense of freedom. As he flew over the city, he preferred to stay an animal for awhile longer. However, instinct led him back to the sidewalk. While he walked on the sidewalk, he had a memory of being there before. Fear shot through him but he wasn’t sure why. It had something to do with the courthouse. He changed direction.

While he sleeps, he has a nightmare of being in a courthouse and a judge convicting him of several felonies. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail. People shamed him in the newspapers and his family left him. His arm and legs sweating, he woke up and looked at his sleeping wife. It had almost been his life. He sits up in bed and puts his head in his hands.

Director: Storm Thorgerson Year: 1983

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