Video Review: Jordin Sparks “S.O.S. (Let The Music Play)”

As lights flash, Jordin Sparks walks past a metal fence to get inside a club.

Wearing a gold sequined dress, she checks her nails while standing against a chestnut background. She dances on the stage. She leans against gold streaked cerulean blue walls.

She talks with her friends at the club and dances with them. It changes to black-and-white for a moment and returns back to color.

Wearing headphones, she dances by a graffitied wall. Sparks’ boyfriend whispers into a young woman’s ear at the club. A friend watches Sparks’ boyfriend kiss her and texts her. A second friend shows her the text. She texts back, “so shady.”

Against a copper background, a silhouette of Sparks dances. Several people form out of the ink lines and dance.

Sparks’ boyfriend takes a picture on his phone of the young woman. Sparks spray paints S.O.S. on the graffitied wall.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jordin Sparks put on a silver dress. It was her first weekend as a single woman. Her friends told her they’d stay home with her and watch movies. She told them she wanted to have fun. At the store, she splurged on the silver dress. The dress had some cut-outs. It wasn’t something she would’ve bought before. However, she knew she could pull it off. Her ex-boyfriend would’ve told her she was showing too much skin.

At the club, Sparks order a drink and meets up with some friends. A friend says that her ex-boyfriend is there and points him out to her. Sparks laughs and notices that he was there by himself. She walks up to a young man and asks him to dance. Her ex-boyfriend sees them and rushes over. He tells her to stop. She runs her hand over the young man’s chest as they dance. She turns to the face the young man and shakes her head as her ex-boyfriend talks. She takes the young man’s hand and leads him to a table.

The young man asks her what’s going on. She explains they used to date and he’s having problems. However, she says it’s over and asks him his name. They talk for about an hour and he asks her if she wants to go to breakfast. She smiles and asks if maybe they could go to lunch instead. She needs some sleep. He says they’ll meet back at  4 p.m. She kisses him on the cheek and walks back to her car.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2009

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