Video Review: Niall Horan “Heartbreak Weather”

On television, an aqua screen reads “Heartbreak Weather with Niall Horan.” Horan sits at his desk. He dances by the graphs on the screen above his desk. He catches papers in his hands. Wearing sunglasses, he lies on his lounge chair on the patio.

In a raincoat, he pours water out of his boots in his office. He dances by the wall of clocks and in front of his desk. While sitting at his desk, he shuffles through his papers. He sits on his desk and spins the globe. On the screen, he leans in and furrows his brow. Sitting at his desk, he blows a kiss. He sips his coffee and hangs a clock on the wall. He talks on his phone. While standing by the map, he looks up at the ceiling as the light turns off. Turning in his chair, he points to himself on the screen.

Papers fly at him while he stands by the screen. He takes a clock off the wall as smoke fills his office. He puts his head on his desk. He plays air guitar while he lays in his lounge chair. He yells into the phone. He falls asleep in his lounge chair.

Rating: 3/5

Niall Horan greets his viewers and sips his coffee. He says that the West Coast is going to have lovely weather today. A sun dances on the California, Oregon and Washington. Spring is starting to break in the Midwestern states. He advises people to stay inside and be safe. He presses his remote to the screen and watches a couple play a board game. Another video shows a young woman playing fetch with her dog. A young man dances to his favorite song.

Horan sits in his chair and reads the latest reports. There wasn’t going to be any light for awhile. It was sobering. But he had to have hope. He wipes his face with a tissue. After the commercial break, he does some comedic routines. People had to laugh to forget. During the next break, his producer informs him they are shutting down production indefinitely amid concerns.

Horan tells his viewers it’s last show. However, he says they’ll return once they are given the okay. He tells them it’s going to be scary but they will get through it together. He stays 6 five away from his co-workers as he says goodbye. While driving home, there were no cars on road. It was a different world than it was a few hours ago.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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