Video Review: Céline Dion “That’s The Way It Is”

The lights turn on in the office. A stack of televisions show static on the screens by the window. Céline Dion spins in her desk chair. She pats the bench.

She sings against a pale blue background. A young woman pauses as she walks down the street and sees Dion sitting on the bench on the television. A young man stops to watch her and smiles at the young woman. A fortysomething man picks up a magazine while a group of people watch Dion on the television by the watercooler.

A second young man walks to his couch in the family. His girlfriend leans on the kitchen counter. The second young man watches Dion on the television in the family room. A third young woman turns on the radio in her car. A fourth young woman serves customer at the bar while Dion sings on the television.

A fiftysomething sips her drink as she watches television in her family room. The young man’s girlfriend sits on the couch with him. At the traffic light, the third young woman smiles after a fourth young man notices her.

Dion swipes the screen with her arm. The group of people grin as they see themselves on television.

Rating: 3.5/5

Céline Dion flips on the lights in the office building. She makes her bed and catches up on the news as she gets ready in the morning. Her employees wouldn’t be in for another few hours. The office building was her home. She bought it once her company was profitable. While she was getting her company up and running, she had lived there with two of her friends. She paid their rent and employed them as she secured clients.

She turns on the television and starts her broadcast. Her hair was a still a mess, though. However, it was fine. She wanted people to see her as human and not some greedy, CEO only looking out for herself. In her broadcast, she told people to not sweat the small stuff. She tells them it’s going to be hard but to have hope. She tells them to have a great day.

Dressed in her shirt and white pants, she says hello to her employees as they walk into her family room. They express their concerns to her and she listens to them. They return to their cubicles and she puts on her glasses as she works on her couch.

Director: Liz Friedlander Year: 1999


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