Video Review: Culture Beat “Mr. Vain”

In black-and-white, Jay looks into the mirror. He puts on a ring. As he looks into the mirror again, his sees the cracks in his face.

In color, people dance at a house party. Tania sits in the corner and sees Jay peeking by the curtain. A young woman cuddles with her boyfriend by the wall. Jay walks towards her. He offers her his hand.

Lit in electric blue, they walk down the hallway. She sits across from him. In black-and-white, he gulps while she talks to him. Back in color, people grab the fruit on the table. Some young women lie on the floor and eat strawberries. A couple shares an apple. A young man bites into a lemon.

Back in electric blue, she takes the mirror of the nightstand and puts it up to Jay’s face. In black-and-white, his face becomes cracked and chipped again. In electric blue, a rocking horse moves back and forth on its own.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tania crosses her legs as she sits in her chair. Luring Jay took some effort. He had to believe she wanted to be with him. He claimed thousands of women wanted him and he’d spare some time for her. However, she planned to expose him. She knew what his true self looked like. It was something he needed to know.

Jay took his time. He was the one with the upper hand. Tania knew she couldn’t stop him. She was sweet to try, though. He told her she had to respect him and she had no idea what she was talking about.

The mirror was a surprise. It explained why she no longer was intimidated by him. He was haunted by the cracks in his face. There was no hiding from who he truly was. It disturbed him that Tania was able to see through him and point it out to him.

 Director: Matt Broadley Year: 1993

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