Video Review: Surfaces “Sunday Best”

A fiftysomething man tells a young woman, “I expect you to be all here.” He points to the calendar by his desk and asks her, “what does that say?” She replies, “it says Sunday.” He rips it off.

In the office, a second young woman talks on the phone and takes notes. A third young woman sits at her desk and stares into space. Colin and Forrest burst through the door and dance in the aisle. Forrest fist pumps a young man and helps a fourth young woman with an issue. Colin talks into a banana. Forrest hands a fifth young woman a glass. She smiles as a plastic palm tree and umbrella decorates her desk.

A second young woman gets his lemonade in the break room and dances. The young woman smiles as she wears a summer dress and flower in her hair in the boss’ office. A fortysomething woman opens her drawer and sees flowers. Flowers bloom on her desk. A thirtysomething man grills hamburgers over the copier.

Forrest and Colin dance in the aisles with the people in the office. Forrest sits on a floatie in the conference room. The people dance around them. Colin conducts a meeting. He sits on the lounge car and plays the cowbell. Forest, Colin and the people dance out of the office.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman nods as her boss tells her she needs to be dedicated to her job. However, she wanted to tell her boss she could care less. There were no incentives to work hard or any possibility of moving up in the company. However, she kept quiet and signed her write-up.

Forrest enters the office with a smile. Colin plays the cowbell. They turn on music and tell everyone to dance. The people stay at their desks. A fortysomething man tells him they’ll get fired. Colin says it’s okay. They are going to hold a meeting in the conference room. The boss tells them to get out of the office. Forrest says they are the new owners.

During the meeting, Colin describes the company’s new motto and values. He says they are the people they need to talk to if there’s a problem. The boss cheers. Forrest says to think of them as their friend. They add their employees to their social media and says it’s going to be fun working with them. Forrest says it’s time to clock out and party.

Director: Taylor Fauntleroy Year: 2019

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