Video Review: Truth Hurts & Rakim “Addictive”

A young woman lies in bed, wearing a headdress. A group of people dance in a club. Truth Hurts sits up in bed as the fan turns on the ceiling.

Wearing a red halter top, she stands in the center while two women bellydance.

Wearing a green embellished dress, she sits on a white blanket by the pool.

In the red halter top and jeans, she dances in the ballroom with several young women. Rakim walks into the club and orders a drink at the bar. He raps against a black background and walks down the hallway of the club. Two women bellydance around him. He stands with Truth Hurts against a red painted glass door.

Dr. Dre sits on the couch in the club and watches the women dance. Rakim sits with him. Truth Hurts dances in the hallway.

Rating: 3.5/5

Truth Hurts orders the Maipur Fizz at the bar and watches the bellydancers perform. She takes a bite of her Tawa chicken and talks with her server. The bellydancers ask her if she’d like to come up on stage with them. She puts down her food and says sure. She starts to dance with them.

After her dance, she spots Dr. Dre and Rakim. They talk for awhile. Rakim says it’s a cool club. Truth Hurts says it was someplace different and asks if they liked her dancing. Dr. Dre says it was great. Rakim wants to know if she’s been taking lessons. She nods and says they’ve been offering classes over the weekend.

Rakim picks up a menu and asks her what she likes. She says she usually orders the Tawa chicken. Dr. Dre says he’s going to walk around. Truth Hurts says they have a ballroom and says she’ll show it to him. Dr. Dre takes a young woman by the hand and says she’s never seen it.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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