Video Review: Aitch, AJ Tracey & Tay Keith “Rain”

A paper plane of money flies in the pink lace sky. Aitch puts his hand over his face while he stands by his car. AJ Tracey stands next to him. A young woman walks on the balcony of the apartment building, carrying a duffel bag. She opens the duffel bag over the railing. Tracey holds up his umbrella as rain pours from it.

Money falls in a carrot lit home. Tay Keith plays the piano while Tracey raps in the family room. The young woman counts the money as she sits by a table near the television.

Aitch holds the umbrella by the car. Wearing Beats By Dre headphones, he listens to music as he stands by his car. Lit in electric blue, he sits in a chair. A second young woman fluffs her hair. Several fish swim in the aquarium. On television, he raps inside a tunnel. He puts the money to his face. Aitch dances against a black background. Several versions of himself pass by him in a blur.

Lit in scarlet red, he sits in his car while it rains at night. Tracey stands by the window as the light streams out onto the sidewalk. Aitch smiles as he stands by the curb. They switch spots.

Aitch continues to dance in the tunnel while on television.

Rating: 2/5

Aitch buys a new car online and schedules a massage. He calls his broker and invests in some stocks. He’s rich and can afford whatever he wants. He brags to his friends that he added another car because he simply wanted one. He takes out his friends and buys them drinks. His friends thank him and tell them they appreciate it. He looks up his bank account online. Another check was sent to him. He orders some designer clothes online.

A.J. Tracey recommends him his financial advisor. Aitch says he’s good. Tracey tells him he’s going to want to listen to him. Aitch says his accountant is looking out for him. He buys Tracey a drink and says he has to go. Tracey shakes his head. Tay Keith says he tried talking Aitch, too and nothing worked. Tracey shrugs he’s going to have to learn on his own.

Aitch leaves a message for his accountant. There was something off about his check. His accountant’s secretary says that he’s out of the office. Aitch stresses that he needs a meeting with him right now. The secretary says he can make an appointment. Aitch tells the secretary that he’s firing his accountant and that he’ll do it on his own.

Director: Arrad Year: 2020

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