Video Review: Shania Twain “You’ve Got A Way”

Wearing a pastel dress, Shania Twain walks into a courtyard. She sits on the grass.

In a clip from 1999 film, Notting Hill, Will (Hugh Grant) sees Anna’s (Julia Roberts) face on a double-decker bus.

Twain sits on the wooden steps and watches the fountain.

From the clip. Will hears a knock on the door of his home He opens the door and Anna says “hello.” Twain walks barefoot on the step and pauses to run her hand in the lake.

In a clip, Anna laughs while having dinner with Will and his friends. Will and Anna sleep together. Will reads the newspaper and laughs while Anna sits on his couch.Twain sits by the fountain. She picks a flower out of the lake. She holds up some of her dress as she walks on the trail.

In a clip, Will and Anna watch a movie at the theater. Wearing a flower crown, Twain swings. She stands underneath a tree and on a bench. Will opens the door of his home and dozens of his photographers take his photo. Will and Anna argue in his bedroom. They smile at one another while they sit on opposite sides of the bed.

Twain walks around the courtyard. A crew member claps the clapboard, marking the end of the take.

Rating: 3.5/5

Shania Twain looks at her picture of her boyfriend in her trailer. She’ll see him in about five weeks after she’s done shooting the movie. Unlike her ex-boyfriends, she knew she could trust him. They had met while she was on vacation and trying to get away from the paparazzi. She hid by some shelves while he looked out the window. He turned to her and asked her how she was doing. She had said she was taking a walk and headed for the museum.

They talked for a while and she asked him if he’d like to go to lunch with her. He stumbled and said that he couldn’t. He was on his break and had to get back to the office. She says a car can pick up him after work. He nods and tells her the address. She gives him her number and says to contact her if anything comes up.

She waited for him in her car and thought he would pass by her. However, he walked inside and she treated him to dinner at her hotel. She says she misses working in an office sometimes. He asks her about what she did before. She grins, saying she worked in the mail room. However, she lost contact with her co-workers sometime ago.

She kept their relationship secret. Her boyfriend was a private person and the attention could cause him to run. She wanted to ease him into her life. It bothered him that her life may take over his. However, she intended to return back to London and stay out of the public eye. Her years of notifying her publicist of her plans were over. It had led to overexposure and almost ended her career. She wanted to slow down and truly commit to someone.

Director: Paul Boyd Year: 1999

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