Video Review: Big Audio Dynamite “Rush”

The sun sets over the United Kingdom. Lit in magenta, lavender and electric blue, the clouds roll by over a large circle. Mick, Nick, Gary, Chris, and Andre perform within it.

Nick plays the guitar on the dirt road. A lavender disco ball blinks while people dance in the club. People continue to dance at an outdoor concert. A fiftysomething man with a beard moves his arms up and down. Mick performs somewhere outside the circle.

Gary walks on a snowy mountain. Lit in neon blue, they perform in the rain. Chris taps his drumsticks on his knees while standing on the mountain.

They play in the circle into the night. They also perform on the snowy mountain. Mick runs in the snow.

Rating: 2/5

The people complain that there’s not space within the circle. An emergency medical technician pulls out a few people and orders the crowd the move. The thirtysomething men sway to the music. Mick calls out for the crowd to get energized. During an intermission, Mick asks the band what’s wrong the crowd. They don’t care. Nick says there’s a fiftysomething man who’s really into it, though.

Mick plays another song and asks the crowd how they are doing. He receives a muted response. As he turns his back to them, he shakes his head and returns with a smile. A few thirtysomething women shout “yeah!” Mick smiles. It was something.

On the bus, the manager says they need to think of scaling back their tour. He says the circle was ambitious. However, it didn’t really work. People felt they couldn’t leave or go anywhere. Mick says they’ll stay to standard arenas. Their manager pats him on the knee and says it was a good talk. He’ll figure out the logistics. Mick asks his band when the tour ends.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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