Video Review: Ellie Goulding & blackbear “Worry About Me”

Ellie Goulding, wear a cream-colored pant suits, sits on a couch in a cabin.

In a tank top and jeans, she drives a car in a remote area with two blackbears in the backseat.

The two blackbears stand behind Goulding as she sits on the couch. Goulding leans her arm on a table and watches the chickens walk around in the family room. She holds a chicken in her arms.

The two blackbears run in the forest as Goulding watches them. The car crashes into a tree and bursts into animated fire. Back in the forest, blood drips from her nose and eyes. She sits on a rock with both blackbears. Blood drips from over their ears.

Goulding stands outside the cabin with a moose. At night, she screams as she drives an RV. One of the blackbears texts on his phone by the kitchen table. The two blackbears hang out in the kitchen. Goulding sucks on a popsicle as she sits on a chair outside the cabin, watching the two blackbears punch each other.

She continues to hold the chicken in her arms.

Rating: 2/5

One of the blackbears lies on the ground, asking for help. Ellie Goulding smirks as she walks away. There were dishes in the sink. They need to be washed. She ignores his cries as she pets the chickens. She picks one up and gives it a kiss.

The other blackbear was somewhere. However, she didn’t have to bother wondering about it anymore. It was finished. She folds her pantsuit. Her job knew she was going to be gone for about two weeks. They had told her to enjoy her vacation. The cries had gone silent. She grinned as she turned on the television. It was going really well. Better than expected.

On the drive home, her co-workers ask about her vacation. She says it was relaxing and walks into the breakroom. She tells her second co-worker it’s a lovely day. The second co-worker asks if she’s feeling okay. Goulding slams her toast on her plate and states curtly that she’s fine. She glares at her co-worker as she walks back to her desk and puts in time for her next vacation.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2020

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