Video Review: Jagged Edge “Let’s Get Married”

Brian, Brandon, Richard and Kyle stand by a piano inside a home. In the parking structure at night, Trent (Fredro Starr) tells his girlfriend, Sarah that he loves her and he wants to get married. She replies, “Trent,I want to marry you but I don’t think you’re ready. Your friends…” He assures that “I changed all of that. I want to be with you forever” and puts the ring on her finger. They kiss. Brian, Brandon, Richard and Kyle hang out in the parking structure.

Sarah waits at the sidewalk at night and checks her watch. Trent pulls up with her his friends to pick her up. She pulls away from his hug. A sales clerk shows her a wedding dress at the bridal shop. Young women in bikinis dance on the table at Trent’s friend’s apartment. Sarah calls Trent on the telephone and asks for him three times. He picks up the phone but it’s taken away from him. She gets a dial tone. Her friend puts a veil on her and she pushes it away.

Brian, Brandon, Richard and Kyle, wearing white suits, dance on the steps of the church. Sarah walks on the sidewalk and takes off her ring. Trent, in his suit, looks at the ring while he sits on the steps. His friends drive to the church. His best friend pats him on the back and walks with him to the car.

The scenes rewind. Back on the phone, Trent excuses himself and tells her, “I love you, you know that right?” Sarah responds, “I love you, too.” Friends and family throw rose petals as Sarah and Trent kiss on the church steps. She tosses the bouquet. His mother blows a kiss and mouths that she loves them. Trent and Sarah wave to their family and friends as they drive off in his car.

Rating: 4/5

Sarah puts on her bikini and leans in to kiss Trent. He tells her they can go to beach. She throws her hands around him and shakes her head. He picks her up and she laughs as he leads her to the bed. While in bed, she tells him she was afraid he was going to change her mind. He tells her realized that he could lose her if he kept listening to his friends. She says his friends approached her at the wedding and told her it was them and not to blame him for any mistakes. He tells he had a choice. It was time for him to make the right one for a change.

While lounging on the beach, he holds her hand and kisses it. She smiles at him and lays her head back in the chair. He watches her as she falls asleep. At a bachelor party, a young woman had sat on his lap and touched his chest. He had stood up and said he couldn’t. His friends told him it wasn’t a big deal. He tells his friends if some half-naked was all over Sarah, he’d question her and call off the wedding. He can’t do it to her.

Sarah excuses herself and says she has to vomit. Trent raises his eyebrows and asks if she’s all right. She says there might be something wrong with the shrimp. He fills up a glass of water and sits with her in the bathroom. She says it’ll pass. He tells her it’s the second time she’s been sick this week and asks if she’s had her period. She looks up at him and says she’ll call the doctor tomorrow. He says he’ll take off the work that day and go with her.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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