Video Review: Shana “I Want You”

Shana dances against a background of dotted baby blue lights. In silhouette, a young man and woman dance by the gate.

She continues to dance against a white background. The young woman and man kiss in the shower. They dance against the background of dotted baby blue lights. In black-and-white, she dances in silhouette. The young man joins her.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder top and jeans, she dances by a navy blue curtain. The young man and woman dance by golden curtains. She dances by the curtain.

She continues to dance against the background of baby blue lights.

Rating: 3/5

Shana exhales as the young man puts his arms around her in the shower. She opens her eyes as the cold water blinds her eyes. It was a pleasant daydream. However, he was likely with his girlfriend now. They’d been together for about 3 years now. He seemed to be in love with her.

But there were moments. She’d run into him in the coffee shop and he’d gaze at her while she stood in line. She continued to stare at him as she walked out the door. Although, she’d wish she stop and talk with him. However, she couldn’t be the person to break up their relationship.

She puts a towel over her body and gets dressed. Looking at the clock, she knows she there may be a chance she’ll see him today. She puts on her high heels and heads for the subway. As she walks on the sidewalk, she sees him sipping his coffee by the window. As he watches her, she puts her head down as she walks down. Perhaps today will change things.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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