Video Review: The Weeknd “In Your Eyes”

The Weeknd stands in the elevator as a young man and woman (Zaina Miuccia) walk into. The young woman presses the button. As they talk, he raises his knife. At night, the young woman, with blood on her face, runs on the sidewalk. She pauses for a breath and looks over her shoulder. The Weeknd watches her from the apartment building.

She runs to a payphone and calls for help. Lit in blood red, he watches her at the end of the sidewalk. It flashes to blood red as she dances in the After Hours club. She spots him on the balcony. She continues to run and stumbles on the ground as he walks behind her in an abandoned office building.

Walking through neon green lasers, she heads into the club and looks behind her. The Weeknd glares at her. She gasps as she sees her bloodied hands. She finds an axe and breaks the glass as she leaves the club. Running with the axe, she hides in the corner and waits for him. She screams and decapitates him. Holding up The Weeknd’s head, she looks into its eyes.

She dances with his head in the club. A second young man plays the saxophone in the club. While the sun sets on the patio of her home, she continues to dance with his head.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman places The Weeknd’s head on her kitchen table. In the bathroom, she gets a comb and fixes his hair. She admires the neat cut along his neck. It was a rather clean job, considering she was frightened. Her boyfriend, though, in retrospect, was weak. He let himself be killed by The Weeknd.

She carries the axe over her shoulder, eyeing her neighbor across the street. Her neighbor waves and she grins. Her neighbor was a busybody. Something had to be done. The neighbor knocks on the door and asks if she has anything needed to be done around the house. She hits her neighbor with the axe and disposes of the body in her backyard. She wipes off her hands and turns on the television.

While watching television, she talks to The Weeknd and recaps the show for him. She talks for him and responds back, calling him a silly goose. Her experience with The Weeknd taught her that only the strong survive. She has a purpose now. A reason to live.

Director: Anton Tammi Year: 2020


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