Video Review: Sa-Fire “Boy, I’ve Been Told”

Sa-Fire, wearing a business suit, walks on the sidewalk as the sun sets in the city. A helicopter flies over the neighborhood. In a pale rose filter, she continues to walk. She dances by a graffitied wall. Two men lean against the wall and watch her as she walks by them.

A group of people dance and cheer in an arena.

Wearing a rainbow sequined minidress, she and her band perform on stage in a club. It returns to the pale rose filter and back to color as she dances. Some dancers perform a routine on the floor.

Animated words “Kid Kool” move by the graffitied wall. She puts the yellow ring over the i and throws it to the dancers. It sails over their heads and into the group of the people inside an arena. She continues to dance on stage in the club.

Rating: 3/5

Some of the people from the neighborhood dance as Sa-Fire performs on stage in a local club. She finishes the song and asks for some water. Her neighbor compliments her on her dress. She says she bought it at the department store and was able to get it on sale. She says she likes it because it looks designer. Her neighbor puts her hand on her chest and says she believed it was a brand name.

Her friend gives her a hug and says the dancing gave her a workout. Sa-Fire says she hopes people will come to see her at the block party. Her friend says she has told a lot of people and some people from school heard about it, too. Her friend washes the counter and says she has to change back into her uniform. Her friend says she already offered to take the shift. Sa-Fire smiles and says she’s going home. There are still some things she needs to get at the store and says her mom is making her ribs. Her friend tells her to rest her voice and she’ll see her on Saturday.

On Saturday, people trickle in from the block party to listen Sa-Fire. They clap for her and request more songs. She says she only two more she could play and says they’ve been a great audience. She talks to the band and looks out into the crowd. Someday, it’ll be an arena.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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