Video Review: The Killers “Caution”

A fiftysomething man, wearing a business suit,  crosses his legs as he sits in a chair in his home. A fiftysomething woman, Nancy Moore, sits in the family room and stares ahead while light blue shines on her. They sit at the dinner table.

Nancy holds a clipboard as she talks to an actor at the dance. Brandon, Mark and Ronnie set up on stage. The producers and writers watch as the director films the scene. The band performs on stage. A young man searches the crowd. A young woman, with pale pink hair, looks for him as she stands near the stage.

Wearing headphones, the young woman sits in a doctor’s office. She signs the young man’s cast on the sidewalk of her home. He climbs trees and rides his bicycle in town. He drops his bicycle and makes a call from a payphone. The young woman spins by the clothesline. The young woman’s father watches television while she helps her mother put on a wig. The young woman talks to one of her friends at the dance and sees her mother talking with a a second fiftysomething man.

The young woman walks past her mother and the fiftysomething man leaving the apartment building. Nancy sits in her seat and stares at the empty seat of her husband, G. Moore. The young woman’s mother performs at a comedy club. The police enter the young woman’s home and arrest her parents. She smirks as she sits on the couch.

She and the young man bump their heads together at the dance. He sits with her on the windowsill of her home as they talk.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman had no guilt regarding her parents. Her stepfather was a creep and her mom scammed people. Turning them in was a relief for her. She could start over in her life. The young man, her best friend, was the person she could rely on her and helped her. He encouraged her to do the right thing even though she was worried about it.

Her mom calls her from jail and asks her to contact their extended family to get her out. The young woman tells her mom she’s going to need the savings for herself and hangs up. The young man puts the groceries in the refrigerator and tells her it was what she had to do. Her parents had been leeching off her for years, claiming the money she made from working was theirs. She could’ve left a long time ago and was planning on it. However, her parents found reasons to take her money.

The young man hopes she’ll love him someday. But she has a lot going on right now. He sits with her and watches her favorite television shows. She’ll text him if she’s having a bad day. Although the bad days seemed to have lessened a bit. Someone had to look out for her.

Director: Sing Lee Year: 2020

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