Video Review: ZZ Top “Gimme All Your Lovin'”

The ZZ Eliminator drives on the road on a hot day. Billy, Frank and Dusty appear on the shoulder. The car turns into a gas station. A young man works underneath a car and sees them pull up. The sixtysomething owner tells him to help them.

A young woman gestures for him to come over and points to the nozzle. He fills up the tank as the three young women dance. Billy, Frank and Dusty play. A second young woman pulls the money out of her stockings and hands it to him. They stand at the Coca-Cola machine. He pours a glass and gives it to the first young woman. Dusty throws him the ZZ keys. The first young woman lets him into the car while the sixtysomething owner looks at a pin-up photo.

He drives with the young women in the ZZ Eliminator car. They drop him off back at the gas station.

Back underneath the car, the sixtysomething owner wakes up. He wags his finger at the young man while he walks away. The young man wipes his face and sees the ZZ keys. On the road, the ZZ Eliminator car drives on the road. He gets his Ford pick-up and follows them.

Rating: 3/5

The young women turned up the radio in the car and sang along. The young man played the air guitar in the backseat. One of the young women say they are going to get something to eat. The first young woman says she’s craving hamburgers. The young man says that it sounds good. The first young woman enters the drive-thru and tells the clerk everyone’s order.

They eat as they continue to drive. They visit the beach and watch the sunset. At night, he rests his head on of the women’s shoulder and sleeps. The first young woman says they are going to bring him back to work and says they’ll vouch for him if he gets into trouble.

His sixtysomething boss wants to know where he was. The first young woman stands behind him and says they were with him. The second young woman explains they didn’t mean to make him miss his shift. The sixtysomething owner grins and says it’s okay. The first young woman promises they’ll be back. The sixtysomething man says they are always welcome. The sixtysomething man asks him the next time, they have to include him. The young man says he’ll see what he can do.

Director: Tim Newman Year: 1983

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