Video Review: B Young “Wine”

B Young walks on the balcony of his home. He drives on the road, palm trees surrounding him on both sides. He stands by the pool. He sits on top of the couch, his head down. He stands on top of the stairs.

He turns on his signal and parks his car on the shoulder and walks into the restaurant.

He stands on the balcony and looks at the city.

Rating: 3.5/5

B Young orders stir fry at the restaurant.  He reads a message his friend sent him, asking him about his vacation. He puts his phone down on the table and takes another bite. In a message, he writes back that the weather has been good and it’s been fun. He thanks the server and asks for the check.

He continues to drive. There wasn’t anywhere else he wanted to go. He glances at the people walking on the beach. Turning his head back to the road, he puts his foot on the pedal. The last thing he wanted to do was to return to the rental home. He had picked it for his ex-girlfriend. However, she had broken up with him for someone else.

It was naive of him to think their relationship was long-term. Perhaps he took it for granted. His friends offered to come with him. He said he wanted to go, anyway. However, it was serving a reminder of his broken plans.

After two hours, he was running low on gas. He stops at the gas station and watches the ads while he pumps gas.  In the rental home, he opens the refrigerator filled with wine, his ex-girlfriend’s favorite drink and pours himself a glass of vodka. In the family room, he puts on the television. In an hour, he’ll be asleep and forget he was alone.

Director: The Director Ali Year: 2020

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