Video Review: Sheryl Crow “Everyday Is A Winding Road”

Filmed in sepia, a 6-year-old girl plays with a paper plane in her home. Carrying her purse, Sheryl Crow walks down the hallway. The 6-year-old girl sits in the laundry basket and throws the paper plane out the window.

A 10-year-old sees it as he clings to a street lamp. Crow sits on the swing in the park. The 6-year-old smiles as she swings in the same park. The 6-year-old girl peeks through the gate. Two 10-year-old boys fight on the sidewalk. Crow throws her hands in the air as she plays on the slide.

Crow sits on a couch on the sidewalk. A seventysomething sits by some paintings of Japanese art. The paper airplane flies into another apartment and knocks over a soap bottle. The soap drips into the fan. Crows smiles as she sees bubbles as she walks. A thirtysomething woman sits with her 8-year-old daughter in their home.

Crow balances a butterfly on her finger. A 12-year-old girl holds a framed portrait of her grandmother. A 5-year-old boy sits in a car and plays with the steering wheel. The paper plane lands in a car. A thirtysomething man throws it out the passenger side window. A seventysomething man sits and  talks with his friend on the sidewalk. The paper plane lands between them. He throws it back into the sky. A twentysomething man finds it while swimming in the lake and throws it back towards the city.

Crow plays air guitar as she walks in the city and pauses to watch the bubbles. She lies on the grass in the park. A dog picks up the paper plane and drops it in the thirtysomething woman’s laundry basket. She places the paper plane on her daughter’s bed. Crow unties her heels on the grass.

Rating: 3/5

Sheryl Crow puts her head in her hands while sitting at her desk. She couldn’t get the program to work. She taps some buttons and her computer freezes. She organizes her desk while she waits for someone from IT to  help her. Checking her watch, she sees it’s noon. She leaves a note on her computer that she’s going to lunch.

On her walk, she visits with her neighbor. He daughter shows her the paper airplane they made. Her thirtysomething neighbor tells her she should call in for the rest of the day. Crow says it’s a good idea and calls work from her neighbor’s phone. Her neighbor’s daughter asks her if she wants to play at the park. Crow says they both need to finish eating lunch before they can go.

At the park, the 8-year-old giggles as Crow pushes her on the swing. Crow suggests going on the slide. She claps for the 8-year-old girl and takes her turn. The 8-year-old asks if she can talk to her friend. Her neighbor says “yes, but to stay in sight.” Crow says she’s getting so big. Her neighbor says she’s proud of her paper airplane. She hopes her daughter doesn’t want to wreck it. She wants to save it. Crow says her daughter is talented. Her neighbor grins and replies, “sassy.” Crow motions for the 8-year-old girl to come back. Her neighbor asks “who wants ice cream?” The three of them raise their hands. They continue to talk as they walk to the ice cream parlor.

Director: Peggy Sirota Year: 1996

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