Video Review: Dua Lipa “Break My Heart”

At night, Dua Lipa dances on top of a car. She walks between the cars on the road. One of the cars rolls over. It becomes a toy car on the floor of a home. A young man puts his keys in the bowl in the bedroom as she walks. She falls as she reaches for the keys. She slides on the floor as it tilts.

She puts the boat back on its stand as she walks in the lounge. The people sit at the tables with their drinks and talk to their friends. The women get up from the seats and perform a routine with her on stage. She sees a second young woman touching a young woman’s hand as they talk.

A hole forms in the lounge and she flies in the sky. She lands in an airplane and walks down the aisle, dodging people as they find their seats. A third young man looks at her in bed as she pulls up the sheets. She grabs her purse on the floor and leans against the wall of the bathroom. Several beds rotate in the room. She sits on the bathtub and falls into a glass of champagne.

She and her friends sit on a couch at the club. The hamster stands up on its wheel in its cage. Back in the bedroom, she flicks a domino and they fall over in a circle on a table. The toy car flips back on the floor. She sits on the hood and blows a bubble with her gum.

Rating: 3/5

Dua Lipa picks out a key at the party. The second young man grins as she walks up to her. He links his arm with hers and says he’s been waiting for weeks for her. She gives him a small smile and points to her car. He says he wants to take her out to eat first. She shakes her head and says she’s not hungry. He says, “breakfast then?” and winks at her.

He strokes her hair as they lay in bed. She tells him he has to leave. He urges her to stay. She puts on her clothes and says she had a nice time. He tells her they’ll have breakfast next time. She walks out of his house and rushes into her car. In the driver’s seat, she puts on her shoes and watches for him at the door.

It was no longer a game. For several weeks, she had scoped out what type of car he drove. It had taken a couple misses before she picked the right key. Last night felt right with him. However, she knew he wasn’t looking for a relationship. It was part of the rules. The people who became couples were kicked out. Next week, it’ll be someone else and it’ll hurt her to watch him take another young woman to his car.

Director: N/A Year: 2020


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