Video Review: Next “Butta Love”

In New York City, New York, R.L. Terry, and Raphael sit on the steps of a building. Filmed in sepia, R.L. walks with his girlfriend on the Brooklyn Bridge. R.L. Raphael, and Terry dance in the building.

R.L. and his girlfriend hug as they stand on the bridge. He cuddles with her as they have a picnic. She pours two glasses of champagne. He feeds her some grapes and kisses her as she sits on his lap.

Raphael sits with his girlfriend on the subway. He throws his duffel bag towards the door. propping it open while the driver leaves. He kicks it inside and motions for his girlfriend to come inside. They make out.

Back in sepia, Terry walks with his girlfriend in the city. They walk up the fire escape. He shows her the angel wing statue.

R.L, Terry and Raphael stand on top of the bridge.

Rating: 2/5

Raphael motions for his girlfriend to join him in the corner of the restaurant. She tells him she doesn’t want to sleep with him here. He says no one will notice. She says it was okay on the subway but it makes her uncomfortable. Raphael sighs and says he hopes he’ll stay turned on until they get home. His girlfriend pats his leg and tells him it’s the last time she’s going to have sex in public. He grins and  leads her to the back.

Terry’s girlfriend asks if he knows of any museums in the area. She wants to see local art. He says he can show her some statutes. She says the angel wings are soothing and make her feel as though she really belongs in the city. He tells her it’s one of his favorite pieces. She says she heard of some unusual museums but has no idea where they are. He says if he gives him a map, he’ll help her find them. She leans against him and smiles.

R.L. pops open the bottle of champagne and tells his girlfriend, “happy anniversary.” She says it’s perfect. He apologizes for screwing up dinner. She says it’s not his fault the stove went out. He says he’ll call repairman in the morning. She pours him some champagne and says they’ll worry about the stove in the morning. He kisses her and sips the champagne. She lies in his arms and says she can’t believe she didn’t like him at first.He laughs and says he was going to keep trying. She says he’s glad he didn’t give up. He assures he won’t ever give up on her.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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