Video Review: Ava Max “Kings & Queens”

Ava Max, wearing a neutral bodysuit, sits in a throne chair and holds her sword between her legs in the castle.  Lit in electric blue, she and the dancers perform a routine near her chair.

Two doves sit on her hand while she sits in her chair.

She opens a bottle of champagne and fills people’s glasses. Wearing a white, dress strapless dress, she stands at the head of the long table. The young women dance in their chairs while staring at veggie plates and goblets of eggs.

Wearing a white lace minidress, she stands on oversized chessboard and dances between the pieces. She throws one of the pieces. Back in electric blue, she and the dancers play the guitar. Wearing Beats By Dre headphones, she lies on the chessboard and listens to music.  She kicks the pieces off the chessboard.

In the throne chair, she sits with her one leg over it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ava Max licks frosting off her fingers and waves off her subjects. She blows off a meeting with the Prime Minister and takes off in a jet to France for Fashion Week. The Queen Mother calls her and informs her that she is to return immediately. She says she has better things to do.

While online, she reads the headlines of the articles, questioning her status as queen and the role of the monarchy in general. The comments underneath the articles supported the government itself without the royalty. She sends her French boyfriend a text and lets him know she’ll be in town as planned. Her husband calls her on her phone and she presses ignore.

Max flips her hair as the cameras flash. There was no removing her from her role. In her early 20s, while her father was in the hospital, she had a hysterectomy. With her only her mother alive and her brother married to commoner in Canada, she was the single choice left. After her father passed, her boyfriend proposed to her and she had the traditional royal wedding. The press was hopeful that becoming queen would instill some responsibility in her. The Prime Minister told her he was willing to help her. She just told him to do whatever he needed and leave her out of it.

A reporter asks her if she has any condolences for the Wales community. She replies “sure” and takes out her cell phone. She calls her husband and chews him out for not letting her know about a national tragedy. She smiles for the cameras and walks into the Grand Palais.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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