Video Review: Trey Songz & Fabolous “Say Aah”

Trey Songz gets out of his car and talks to some young women as he walks into the club. As noted on screen, it’s 12:03 a.m. He says hello to Fabolous in the club. Fabolous introduces him to a young woman. A second young woman sits on a chair, sipping her champagne. Two young women talk to one another at separate tables.

A group of women talk to Songz and Fabolous. A second young women, waearing a black dress, holds her drink and sits on the edge of Songz’s chair. As she walks around in the club, she surveys the other women. The young woman sits down next to him. A third young woman lies on the couch as he pours champagne down her throat. The second young woman sits next to Fabolous.

Songz walks through the crowd of people and puts his hand on the shoulder of the young woman. She turns around and talks to him.

Rating: 2/5

The second young woman sticks out foot while another woman passes by and waves to Fabolous. She tells Fabolous that he’s a handsome guy and that she heard the young woman has a disease. Fabolous nods and orders bottle service. The server walks to the table with the champagne bottle. The young woman glares at her. She takes her glass and tells her that she should get back to work. Fabolous gestures for the server to come back and asks her for the oyster appetizer. She glances at the young woman, sneering at her and tells Fabolous she’ll put in his order.

Trey Songz taps Fabolous on the arm and wonders what happened to the second young woman. Fabolous looks around and says she may still be here. He says she sees some of her friends. Songz comments that he wasn’t impressed with him. Fabolous responds and says she isn’t the type looking to become famous. The second young woman says she has her bank account but she likes music. She comments she’s all about the music. Fabolous tells Songz to try to find her. The second young woman offers to help. Songz tells Fabolous to save some oysters for him and gets up from his seat.

The second young woman says she didn’t mind to ignore him. She figured he wanted to be alone. He says it wouldn’t be a problem. She says she has to get her things at the table and she’ll hang out with him. They talk in the corner. She says Fabolous has been trying to set her up with him for awhile. Songz laughs and says Fabolous says he knew the right person for him. She says Fabolous may need rescuing, though. Songz sees Fabolous trying to dodge the young woman’s hands. Fabolous smiles and shares the oyster with the young woman.

Director: Yolande Geralds Year: 2010

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