Video Review: Black Box “Ride On Time”

Against a black background, Katrin Quivol dances while flashes of pale and lavender hit her body. In New York City, New York, a taxi drives down the road at around midnight. The skyline of the city can be seen.

Against a white background, she dances in silhouette.

Two men dance against the black background.

A car speeds through the city. Several taxis pass it. The orange and blue lights blur.

She continues to dance against the black background.

Rating: 4/5

Katrin Quivol walks to the bathroom and wipes her face with the paper towel. Her hair was soaking wet. Her arms were chilled from the sweat. Her heart racing, she dabs at her chest. The makeup on her face had streamed in a long line over cheek.

The bass pounds into the bathroom. She wanted to go back out there. However, she felt as though she was going to fall over. She sits on the couch and rests. A young woman walks in and asks her if she’s all right. She responds she’s taking a break. The young woman puts on her lipstick and says she’ll get some water for her. Her friend says she’ll get it. Her friend returns with the water. Katrin drinks it and thanks them. They help her get up. Katrin comments she’s done drinking for the night.

She finds her keys in her purse and waits for a taxi. In the taxi, the driver asks if she had a good time as she flops on the seat. She responds, “too good” and says she’s going to nap. He turns the radio low and tells her it’ll be about 20 minutes. She says it’s okay for him to add an extra 10 and drive around the block for a bit.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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