Video Review: Niall Horan “No Judgement (Version 2)”

A 5-year-old girl, wearing a black leotard, dances in the backyard. She sits with her 15-year-old sister on the bed. They smile at one another and walk to their parents’ closet. Her sister puts a necklace around her neck and finds a dress for her. Her sister shows her a coat and puts it on her. They hug.

The 5-year-old waves a pom-pom in her hand as she continues to dance in the backyard. She and her sister toss dresses in the air as they stand in the closet. Her older sister lifts her up and she chooses a hat on the top shelf. She puts on lipstick on herself and her sister. She gives her sister a kiss. Standing in the mirror, she smiles as sees herself in a dress.

Her older sister finds a pair of cowboy boots and puts them on her feet. She teaches her sister how to line dance. They sit on the floor and play a hand game. Her older sister dances with her in the backyard. Their parents walk up the stairs and gasp at the mess in the closet. The parents try on clothes and dance in the closet.

Her older brothers listen at the front door and walk into the closet, shocked to their family dancing. In the backyard, her dad catches her in the air. The family dances in the backyard together. She pets the dog. The dog asks for a belly rub.

Rating: 5/5

The 5-year-old girl says she’s bored and tired of watching cartoons. Her older sister asks if she wants to play dress-up. She hops off the bed and says she wants to be a princess as she runs to the closet. Her older sister tells her to slow down and follows her to the closet.

She picks out a dress. Her older sister says she’s such a pretty princess. She bows and says she’s an awesome queen. She runs into her parents’ bathroom and finds lipstick. She tells her sister to put it on her. They have to do their make up. Her sister says they need to pucker their lips and blot. Her sister says they need to put it back and walks with her back to their parents’ bedroom. Her sister puts on music and they dance.

Their parents walk in the door and call for their name. They walk to the closet and ask them what they are doing. Her sister says they’ll clean it up but lost track of time. The 5-year-old girl hands her mom a hat and says it would like nice on her. They all dance.

In the backyard, she asks her family to watch her dance. They clap as she leaps in the air. She says she can’t wait for the recital and wear her costume. The dog walks over to her and licks her face. She giggles and pets him.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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