Video Review: Rod Wave “Heart On Ice”

Rod Wave leans against the wall of the recording studio and touches his head. He looks through a rack of clothing at the store. A friend of his cuts his hair in his home. He poses for a picture with a fan. He rides to cart to the concert outside the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood.

During a commercial break on Sirius XM’s Hip Hop Nation, he texts on his phone. He raps into the microphone in the record studio. Smiling, he walks onto the concert stage outside the hotel. He and his friend shop at the grocery store.

On the expressway, he passes DisneyWorld. A second friend gives him a hug. He pours himself a flavored soda drink at the store and talks with his one of friends who works behind in the deli. He listens to the interviewers from Audiomack. He performs inside a small club. Wearing his headphones, he walks around the hotel. Fans hold up large cardboard photos of his face as they stand behind the barrier.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rod Wave picks out a bag of chips from the grocery store and walks to the deli counter. His friend waves to him and asks him how he’s doing. Wave says he’s enjoying his time off while he takes a number. A young man recognizes him and asks for a picture. Wave shrugs and smiles for the photo. He talks with the fan for a couple minutes. His number is called and he says goodbye. He tells his friend it’s surreal for people to know who he is. His friend cuts him some ham and says he’s worked hard for it.

In the checkout line, he sees the magazines and imagines what his headline would be. The cashier says “hello” and he gets out his charge card. He was able to buy a few steaks and some of the name brand ice cream. Between the shows, there was some extra revenue coming in. He had made enough to be comfortable and not worry. However, he was far from some of his peers. Having a chance to make music videos, featuring his friends, was good enough. Perhaps he’ll be a feature for his idols. All he could he do was hope and get as work as much as he can.

On the drive home, his manager calls him and says they need to think of ideas for some Instagram lives. He says he’ll post online and asks if he can tease the new song. The manager tells him it’s fine and says he’s doing a good job. He turns the corner onto his street. As he puts the groceries away, he knows it’ll pay off someday.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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