Video Review: Khalid & Disclosure “Know Your Worth”

Lit in cobalt, a young woman slides her butt on the runway while a group of people stand on the edges, moving their arms. Lit in cornflower, Khalid stands on a platform on the other side.

Back on the runway, rays of yellow lights shine as she stands up. She joins in the routine with the dancers. A young woman stands with a young man, sitting in a wheelchair. They dance on the golden yellow light runaway. He holds up the rim of his wheelchair.

The dancers continue their routine underneath a citrus orange ceiling. Below, a young woman, wearing a teal outfit dances. Underneath the scarlet red light, they dance together. On a golden yellow platform, they form a circle and lift up one of the dancers up.

The dancers join him on his platform.

Rating: 2/5

The young man opens the door as he rolls onto the sidewalk in his wheelchair. Suddenly, the interview was cancelled and the boss was on vacation. He had mentioned rescheduling and the secretary said the boss had gone on leave. He wants to work. However, no one will give him a chance. They see his wheelchair and think he can’t do anything. But he graduated with honors from college. None of it seemed to matter.

His girlfriend, though, searches for some lawyers online. He says he doesn’t want to fight it. She says he may not have a choice. They are discriminating against him. He says it can’t be proven. She tells him they have to try. After several meetings with lawyers, one took up the case. He told him to be prepared. However, he believes they have a solid case.

The jury awards him 2 million dollars. She puts her arms around him. He shakes the lawyer’s hand and tells him he did a good job. His lawyer says the jury believed in him and see him as a person. He points to his girlfriend and says she’s a keeper. The young man grins at her and holds her hand.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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