Video Review: Tracey Ullman “Breakaway”

In the family room, the turntable plays the record. Tracey Ullman dances in front of the fireplace, microphone in hand, as she sings along to the song. Her friends, sitting in their chairs, laugh as they read their magazines. Her friends join her as they sing into their combs.

Against a white background, two young men dance.

Lit in seafoam green, she and her friends dance against the white background, wearing 60s trends.

Her friends dance with the two young men against the white background. She opens the curtain in the bathroom and dances by the bathtub. Wearing black sequined dresses, they stand against a royal blue background. Her friends clap with her in the bathroom.

Wearing the black, sequined dresses, they continue to dance against the white background. Back in their 60s outfits, they continue to dance, lit in hot pink against the blended lavender and blue background.

At Ullman’s house, they jump on her bed.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tracey Ullman raises her arm in the air and belts out the high notes. Her friends laugh and call her a goofball as they sit at the kitchen table. Her friend pours herself a drink of water and says she hasn’t danced like that in a long time. Ullman gets out some cake and responds, “that was before we become boring married couples.” Her second friend complains that her husband falls asleep while watching television. She shakes her head as she says that when they were dating, he was up all night, trying to sleep with her.

Ullman asks if they remember when they wanted to be a girl group. Her friend nods and she says they had their routines. Her second friend hums the song they made up. Ullman sings the rest of it. Her friend says her mom made them dresses. Her second friend says she found it and gave it to her daughter. Her daughter was it the best thing. Ullman says hers is in the basement of her parents’ home somewhere. Her friend says she thinks she wore it out and probably had to throw it away. She wished she still had it, though.

Her friend says she could take a nap, though. Ullman puts on some music and says it’ll wake her up. Her friend groans and put her head on the table. Her second friend shrugs and takes the first friend’s arm. She says she can’t move. Her friend tells her she one more song in her. Ullman gestures for them to come over. Her friend picks up the comb and starts to dancing.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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